Investigating the Relationship between Intangible Assets, Profitability and Value of Firms Listed in Tehran Stock Exchange

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The purpose of this paper is to investigating the relationship between intangible Assets, profitability and value of firms listed in Tehran Stock Exchange (TSE). This research is Applied kind and has quasi experimental design with pre-post test approach. Data has collected from archival method with using books, Journals and sites, financial data with applicating Tadbir pardaz, Dena sahm and Sahra soft wares for period of  2000-2010. For analyzing data has utilized "Panel Data" with EViews software, for determining the proper estimation model has used Hausman and Chow tests. Also, for reliability of data has availed from Unit root, Levin, Lin, Chu; Im, Pesaran, Shin and Philips-Perron tests. for investigating of normalizing data has used KS test and for research hypothesis has availed Pearson  Correlation, Multiple Regression and Friedman tests. Also for controlling autocorrelation has used DW Statistics. The result showed that there is no significant relation between changes in intangible assets, changes in short and long run profit, asset returns and changes in value of the firm. In addition, changes in accounting receivable and Selling and Administrative Expense can not affect on these relations. It seems that the importance of intangible assets has increased.